Can I submit and event?

Normally, Visible Women Space only lists events by a membership based Collective but in these extraordinary times, we are temporarily opening up events to anyone so that we can help support each other.

In order to be featured both on this site and on the Instagram and Facebook account, your event must meet the following criteria:

  • Your business must be based out of the greater Seattle area.
  • Be aligned with the core values of Visible Women Space.
  • Be about authentic connection to each other and ourselves.
  • Encourages participants to show up as their true selves.
  • Be mission and purpose driven.
  • Offer something of value and not designed as a sales pitch.

How do I submit?

  1. Please follow our account @visiblewomenspace on Instagram and/or Facebook posts and tag me when you post your event.
  2. Email Judy at with graphics and all details regarding your event and/or a link to register for your event.

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