What is Visible Women Space?

Visible Women Space is envisioned by Judy Lee of Judy Lee Photography as a physical space in Seattle where a community of women on their inner journeys could gather together and thrive. When we’re on our journeys, connecting to other like-minded women to uplift and inspire us is essential to staying on and progressing on our paths. Women’s Circles, Community Events and Workshops, facilitated by a collective of aligned women businesses, are part of the vision of building community.

Visible Women Space is still in development and not ready to launch. However, we are in extraordinary times and many of us are self-isolating in the interest of protecting others. This can cause loneliness and stress on top of the already existing feelings of uncertainty and lack of control. Connection is more important than ever and many women businesses are beginning to offer virtual connection services.

So many people are suffering, facing economic hardships and incredible uncertainty. But there are also many amazing women business owners offering services at no- or low-cost to support you during this time. While Visible Women Space is envisioned as a membership service, we would like to provide a free resource for you during these difficult times to both offer and connect to events that you can join to connect to yourself and each other.

Are you a female business offering virtual events focused on connection?

Your virtual event must be free or $10 or less or by donation and be about authentic connection to self or others. Please visit the Submit page for more details.

Current Collaborators

Judy Lee Photography
Go Big Coaching

“Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.”

– Harriet Lerner


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